I love the seasons we have in England.
Spring flowers popping through, bright morning sun, the excitement of fluffy bunnies and chocolate eggs.
Long summer evenings with barbeques and low light.
The colourful autumn with woolly jumpers.
Winter bobble hats and the possibility of snow.
Smiley faces, bright eyes and a bit of mischief are the things I’m looking for…
Claire xxx
female holding camera outside
Time slips away so very quickly. Our children seem to grow faster day by day, new additions arrive, and sadly, our loved ones have to leave us behind.

I will capture and preserve your memories in a natural and relaxed environment in and around St Albans, Hertfordshire. I use techniques that guarantee to portray the personality and essence of the shyest of subjects.

Professional photography keeps our special moments and memories vivid in our minds and hearts. No matter how you prefer to have your photos delivered, you will receive high quality photos and exceptional products that will stand the test of time and technology.


The rock that is Mr C.
my lovely adventurous young ladies
St Albans and my studio