Don’t be afraid of a headshot. I aim to put all my clients at ease, tailor the session around your job, look and personality.

I took the phone call for this recent session as I was at the airport on my way home from holiday, it was Monday evening. We booked in the session for the Tuesday afternoon. The client arrived, organised, ready and knew what he wanted. He’d researched his new company (the new job started the next day) and had some examples of the look he liked on his phone. We were very quickly able to shoot on a couple of different backgrounds with different poses and outfits. The whole session took 20 minutes. By 4pm the client had the gallery to view, he then ordered the images he liked and I was able to get his favourite photo to him that evening ready for his new start the following day.

Sometimes you need a headshot super quick. You may not have thought about it until your new company asks you for one, then you realise you’re sending a ten-year-old photo and you have to meet them in ‘real life’! Oh dear. We all leave things to the last minute. It’s not particularly ideal. If you want to plan outfits, hair and makeup, these things take a little more time to coordinate. However, I want to demonstrate that it can be done and I can help. I do have availability most weeks where I can fit headshots into the studio. So please do get in touch even if you feel ‘you’ve left it too late’.

Contact me or call me on 07931 335462. Take a look at headrest examples on my page

So don’t be afraid of a headshot!

man with dark hair and beard in a suit seated with a studio window background posing for a headshot.