I’m thrilled to have been given the award for Best Commercial Photographer in St Albans 2023 by the Quality Business Awards.

It’s such lovely news and I’d like to thank all my clients for their support over the last year. It’s been busy and wonderful at the same time.

The variety of work and meeting different clients is what I love the most. Having an insight into different work places and cultures is fascinating.

I’m also enjoying helping smaller businesses grow through their imagery. There is huge satisfaction seeing my photos on clients websites with images that represent them and their product or services.

Since Covid hit I’ve been growing the headshots and commercial side of the business as well as continuing the enjoy the family shoots both at my home studio and outdoors in the wonderful British countryside.  This balance, of quite honestly very different styles of shoots, keeps me on my toes!

check out my award details by clicking here

Please contact me for shoot requests – Best Commercial Photographer in St Albans 2023

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