To see the poppies at sunrise is an absolutely amazing experience and one I highly recommend. Without doubt one of the best photoshoots I’ve ever been involved with.

This is what happened. Last Saturday morning my phone alarm went off at 3.30am! I was already awake, with the usual stressing of ‘will I wake up to my alarm?’ which is normally reserved for catching a flight at a ridiculous time. I’d arranged to meet Sue & Laura at a field in the Hertfordshire countryside at 4am. They were travelling from Enfield and we met in a lay-by near Hertford.I don’t think I’ve been up at that time since my kids were babies.

Amazingly there were already two landscape photographers in the field all set up and ready for sunrise. I made sure we were well away from them. The poppy field was huge so it was very easy. It had already become light. The sky was a deep blue but you could already tell where the sun was going to appear as the sky was tinged with an orange glow.


As the time approached 4.43am, the scheduled time for sunrise, a mist hung over the low lying land in front of us. I was unsure how this was gong to effect the sunrise. I started snapping away as the sky was changing colour every second. The cloud formations were beautiful and slowly the mist lifted as the sun peeped over the horizon and burnt through the cloud.

Wow, what a moment. Sue was shrieking – ‘it’s coming, it’s coming’ and we took time to watch and enjoy the beginning of a new day.

I took shots of Laura & Sue with the sun behind them and then to the right. The sky eventually turned blue behind us. Then I turned the girls to face the sun for a few final photographs.


By 6am I was back home to a sleeping household to have a rest on the sofa before breakfast. Ready for the day ahead. x

If you would like a special photoshoot scheduled around sunrise or sunset please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.