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Spring is in the air and I’m now taking bookings for my ever popular bluebell woods photo shoots. These sessions are open to families in and around St Albans. They are held in a nearby location to the city with parking close by to ensure little walking. So it’s perfect for families with small children.

We can take props or just ourselves and have some fun in the stunning setting of the bluebells. It’s always one of my favourite times of year, as we enjoy the warmer weather and longer days that this time of year gives us.

Protecting the Bluebells

As lovely as it is seeing a sea of bluebells in the woods at this time of year, it is incredibly important too that people remember they must be very careful where they walk. Stepping on the bluebells means they won’t grow back again the following year for us all to enjoy!

You absolutely must keep your dog on a lead and small children under control and be aware of the rules. 

On my photo shoots I still want to ensure my clients enjoy the scenery, their photo shoot and get great images safely so we can all continue to enjoy the wonderful display year after year.

How to Book

There is a £50 booking fee to pay in advance and then digital images, prints and wall art are all available. Your gallery with be on my website password protected with three weeks after the shoot. There are some stunning products available so we can turn your images into masterpieces for your home. I can advise on the options.

The sessions are either first thing in the morning or late afternoon / early evening. This is due to the sunlight at this time of year. If you have smaller children and feel the earlier session is better I will try to accommodate this as much as possible. It’s much better when the light is low for the colour of the bluebells and the exposure of the woods amongst the trees.

See my outdoor gallery for more bluebell shots!

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