Creating a new headshot is a great first step to your job search, rebrand or new business launch. Prepare for your new role or business ahead of 2021. Studio based or outdoors, we can achieve the look that suits you & your business.

Why do it? You have to put yourself out there whether you like it or not and that means images of yourself too! There is plenty of research that shows how vital that image can be in terms of making a good impact and make the different between getting a job and not even being contacted.

This quotes come from a lovely expert who know what she’s talking about!

Naomi Asher, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Ashley Kate HR: 
“Regardless of how you use Social Media/LinkedIn, ensuring you have a full profile is essential to maximise the benefit of the platform, and this includes your profile picture. It personalises and adds credibility to your profile, it helps your professional network, current and future, recognize you both on and offline, ensuring this picture is professional and portrays you in the best light is even more essential.”

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