Refresh your headshots and visit my studio to update your website, Linkedin and business pages. I work & shoot in a relaxed and natural style. I can also come to your work place or we can go out on location. Choose what fits YOUR brand.


We will have a discussion beforehand about what you would like and how best to show your inner self in the best light! I have a plain background and studio lighting, or we can use natural/window lighting. I advise smart professional clothing, light makeup, to minimize patterns and loud colours. Whilst not compromising demonstrating your shining personality!


I create people’s personal profile images for social media and company websites. What does your profile image say about you? Is it good quality? Will it be a good representation of your business? Is it FLATTERING?

If you are changing career, setting up in business, updating your CV, adding to LinkedIn, Facebook, you need a decent professional profile image.

Your image is out of date, perhaps no longer representative of your new or current role, bad quality and simply just not showing you off in the best light! People out there want to see who you are. It’s important to look friendly, open and honest.

You have to put yourself OUT THERE whether you like it or not and that means images of yourself too!

There is plenty of research that shows how vital that image can be in terms of making a good impact and make the different between getting a job and not even being contacted.

These quotes come from two lovely experts who know what they are talking about!

Rachel Park, Resourcing Manager, Alexander Mann Solutions, London:
 “As a Headhunter I often skim over profiles with no picture or a poor visual profile. Linked in is a very powerful tool for networking and raising your profile. The most critical element of this is the profile photo. We remember 10 percent of what we read but 30 percent of what we see. It is essential that this picture portrays what you want it to and that it is professional and appeals to the audience you want it to attract. “

Naomi Asher, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Ashley Kate HR, Derby: 
“Regardless of how you use Social Media/LinkedIn, ensuring you have a full profile is essential to maximise the benefit of the platform, and this includes your profile picture. It personalises and adds credibility to your profile, it helps your professional network, current and future, recognize you both on and offline, ensuring this picture is professional and portrays you in the best light is even more essential.”

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