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I’m reaching out during Lockdown to all my lovely clients who have had photoshoots with me in the last few years. If you bought digital files I’m wondering if, during your confined time at home, has it been on your list to sort out your photo collection? Have you been longing to file, create albums, make gifts or get pictures up on the walls?

Did you ever actually get round to printing any photos? Have you looked back at them recently?

Perhaps you haven’t done it because you just don’t know where to start. It can be really overwhelming as there are so many options. Prints for extended family members are always a great idea and gift. But when it comes to your own walls selecting the right sizes and style can be tricky.

What you put on the wall needs to suit you and the decor of your house. The choices are huge. Framed, unframed, acrylic, metal, wooden. Then the selection of the best images is also hard, I can mock up examples and room displays of sets of frames to help you decide.

Creating photo books and albums for presents or your coffee table is a great idea. It’s nice to be able to pick something up and flick through it with the family. Children especially like to do this. It make your memories more accessible.

So If you would like any advice please call. I’m here on the end of the phone. Always happy to have a chat and catch up. I have the time at the moment that’s for sure!

I’m obviously still closed for business in terms of actual photoshoots for a little while longer. This has been disappointing given the beautiful weather and the bluebell season that has just passed us by. In addition, my new home studio, that has been completely ready for clients from the beginning of the year is redundant (well it’s been turned into a fitness room by my teenagers so it is getting some use!).

I’ve also had cancelled weddings and first communion celebration shoots. So there has been quite a bit of rescheduling all round.

However good times will come again. I think as a result, the value of photography and family time together will be ever more important and cherished.  So, I’m here to help and if you would like to discuss any future events or shoots please do get in touch. On the phone or via email. Whatever suits.

Reaching Out During Lockdown – Ideas for displaying your prints and wall art can be seen on my photo displays board on Pinterest.