A portrait shoot in London is a great idea for a city lover like Steve. We wandered the streets and took refreshment at a few cafes on route to take some relaxed and informal shots for his portfolio. We started off by meeting at Old Street station and had brunch at The Breakfast Club, Hoxton. It was a energising start to the day and a good move to fuel my avocado addiction. We then just wandered the streets of Shoreditch and travelled the length of Brick Lane meandering between shops and cafes and stopping to look at what caught our eye, which is pretty frequently in that area! A colourful mixture of people, places and street art. It really is fabulous and exciting. I was using my SLR but also snapping away on my phone so I could Instagram easily. We ended up at Spittlefield Market for an early afternoon iced coffee. What a perfect way to spend a Tuesday when you can take time out of your schedule for photography.

London portrait